About Dave Koch

Photography has been at the center of my life since my initial work as a camera assistant at AFI right out of college…..

With over 15 years of experience in TV news and my current position as an award-winning commercial photographer in Utah, I bring a wealth of professional experience to the table. My extensive background on movie sets allows me to mesh well with other professionals, and my ability to work quickly under pressure is well-honed.

Moreover, my easy-going nature makes me an asset to any team. As a self-starter with entrepreneurial experience, I can be relied on to get the job done efficiently without interfering with other professionals on the set.

In addition to my tv and film experience, I am also the go-to photographer for many stage and dance company’s locally. As a local Utahn, I also have spend 100’s of hours shooting our beautiful state, and have been named Utahs Best of State Nature Photographer three times.

My Skills

True photography extends far beyond the simplicity of pointing and clicking a camera. It’s an art, an alchemical process that transforms fleeting moments into lasting impressions.

An adept photographer stands prepared for every possible situation, always on the alert to capture spontaneously unfolding scenes. But the distinction of a truly exceptional photographer lies in their ability to observe beyond the obvious – the interplay of light, the nuances of the background, the subtleties that contribute to the overall visual harmony.

The magic happens when a photographer, enriched by experience, masterfully weaves all these elements together and then shoots with a keen eye for the edit. It is this synthesis that elevates a photograph from being merely a picture to a vivid story – a canvas that narrates its own tale

Dave Koch

Why You Need An Experienced Professional

In the dynamic world of filmmaking, every moment holds a story, a rush of emotion, an action that deserves to be immortalized. A professional unit stills photographer captures these fragments of time with a unique artistic and technical expertise. They understand the rhythm of the film set, respect the creative process, and have the uncanny ability to weave themselves into the fabric of the production, all the while being almost invisible. Their contributions go beyond the realm of production – the captivating stills they create become integral to marketing campaigns, press releases, and eventually, the visual legacy of the film itself. This is why investing in a professional unit stills photographer is not just a good decision, it’s a crucial one.

Embracing a professional unit stills photographer within your production is an investment in capturing the essence of your cinematic vision. Their contribution extends beyond beautiful stills; they become an integral part of the storytelling process. Here are six key ways a unit photographer can enhance and support your production, adding a valuable dimension to your project.

Unit Stills Services We Offer


Quality images play a pivotal role in establishing a unique brand identity for your film. They can set the mood, convey the values, and reflect the ethos of your brand. The right images can distinguish your film or production company from others, making it recognizable and memorable. High-quality, professionally shot images can leave a lasting impression on the audience, helping to build brand loyalty.


In the world of marketing, images speak louder than words. They can generate intrigue, evoke emotions, and tell stories in an instant. A visually stunning image can pique interest and curiosity, encouraging your audience to explore your movie further. Incorporating professionally captured images in your marketing strategy can significantly improve engagement, click-through rates, and overall audience response.

Key Art Imagery

Numerous productions require striking key art of their actors, either for on-set usage or as props within the production itself. We offer the flexibility to shoot these essential images either during the pre-production phase or amidst the actual shoot, tailoring the process to best suit your project’s needs.


Behind the scenes images offer a unique, intimate glimpse into the making of the film. They capture candid moments, the crew at work, and the creative process in action. These images can humanize your production, making it more relatable to your audience. They can also be a valuable addition to special features, director’s cuts, and Blu-ray extras.

Unit Production Stills

Production stills serve as a visual record of your film’s production process. They are indispensable for continuity and can also be used for publicity purposes. A high-quality production still can evoke the atmosphere and the emotion of a scene, becoming a piece of art in its own right.

Professional Online Use

High-quality images can substantially boost your film’s visibility on platforms like IMDB. Offering on-set photographs enhances the entire experience for both the cast and crew. It also presents an opportunity for talent and crew members to showcase their dedication and craftsmanship, whether on their personal or professional websites.

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